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The Dirtiest Carrot I Ever Saw March 23, 2008

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p1010336.jpgThis is from my mother’s garden. Ha!p1010334.jpg


The Gods of Snark March 1, 2008

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Best retort ever!


Cami wants to look like Dora September 4, 2007

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Cami who always has a plan and a great idea decided she wanted her hair cut like Dora’s. I didn’t want to rush into anything so I made sure she really wanted her hair cut and after a month worth of discussions, we decided it was time. Of course, her hair is so beautiful it made me sick to my stomach to see it get lopped off. But she was so excited and she couldn’t have looked cuter and she loves to flip it up all the time. We talked about donating it to Locks for Love and I explained that her hair would be made into a wig for a little girl who was sick and couldn’t grow hair and she replied…oh, let’s give it to Annabelle(her little sister who has been hair growth challenged)! Isn’t she adorable!

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Why don’t you just hold your baby? July 19, 2007

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13262.jpgOk, so I have to say that I just really like to get the One Step Ahead catalog because there are a lot of really neat things out there to make parents lives easier, but there is one thing in there that is just beyond absurd. It is a strap that you attach around your infant car seat carrier so that you can carry your baby “comfortably over your shoulder.” Ok, so why don’t you just carry your baby. There are things out there that exist…hmm, hands and arms that do essentially the same thing. Although, be careful because the bond you might actually create between the two of you could become too intense and leave you with a lifetime of understanding and love with your child…oh no! Seriously, if your arms get tired…try a sling, but for goodness sake, could we get any more impersonal with our babies?


Check this site out May 17, 2007

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